Wednesday, January 4, 2012

SIMPLE PLEASURES - Masalebhat (Spicy Rice)

A very Happy New Year to everyone!
I am sure you all had a great new year's celebrations just like I had.

I always love the first post of the new year. It's such a fresh and encouraging feeling to get started with the new recipe.

'Masalebhat' is a traditional maharashtrian recipe, a very popular menu item for almost all the maharashtrian  weddings. It is essentially rice, which is nicely blended with different kind of spices and your choice of vegetables.


Basamati rice- I used extra long grain 1 cup
Tomato- diced 1 small
Onion- sliced 1 small
Green Peas - thawed about half a cup
Cauliflower- cut into florets
Mustard Seeds- 1 tsp
Peanuts- a handful/ as many as you like
Curry Leaves - 5-6
2 tsp Goda masala ( you can get  in some of the Indian grocery stores, however I always have hard time finding it, so if you want to try and make your own, here is the recipe from another blog- )
1 green chilli
1 bay leaf
1 tsp red chilly powder
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
Pinch of Hing / asafoetida
Oil - 3 tsp
2 tsp ginger paste

Dry roast the following ingredients together , let them cool and then grind. The consistency should be coarse.
Coriander Seeds- 2 tsp
Cumin Seeds- 2 tsp
1 inch cinnamon stick
4 cloves

  1. Wash and soak the rice for about 30 minutes.
  2. Heat oil in a pan and add bay leaf, cumin seeds, mustard seeds, hing, curry leaves and sliced onion. Saute till the onions get nice golden color.
  3. Add turmeric powder, ginger paste and cook for about a minute.
  4. Now is the time to add the dry roast powder that is kept aside. Also add goda masala and red chilli powder. Mix well and cook for about 2-3 minutes.
  5. Now add cauliflower, salt , add some water and cover for about 5 minutes. Add any other vegetables of your choice at this stage along with the cauliflower. You can add potatoes, carrots, green beans etc. Don't add the peas just as yet.
  6. Add the soaked rice, and then add peanuts, water, tomatoes, and salt to taste. Cover the pan and cook on high for 5 minutes. Add twice the water of the rice, 2 cups in this case.
  7. Reduce the heat to medium and cook for about 15 minutes. 
  8. After turning the stove off, let it rest for a minute or two. 
  9. Add the peas on top of the rice and give it a good mix.
  10. Garnish  with shredded coconut and cilantro.
There it authentic masalebhat is ready.


Jay said...

Hy Manali,
chanced by your space from food bloggers cafe...
nice space you have..very interesting presentation..
masalebhat sounds scrumptiously tasty..
Am your happy follower now..;)
do stop by mine sometime..
Tasty Appetite

Priya said...

Super flavourful masalebhat,inviting.

Indulge said...

Send you an award by email. Please accept it. Masale bhat is my all time favorite with nice spoonful of tup/ghee. Bharli Vangi alongside and a feast in waiting.
Love Ash.

Madhavi said...

Yummyy masaledar bhat :)

Manali said...

Jay- Thanks for stopping by and thanks for following my blog, I am glad you liked it..:)
Your blog looks interesting too..:)

Priya and Madhavi and Ashwini thanks to you all too..:)