Monday, February 23, 2009

Sweet corn soup!!

A really healthy and delicious version of corn soup.
This is my mothers recipe, very simple to make.

All you will need is-:
  1. Frozen Corn kernels-( thawed )
  2. Vegetable stock/ you can use just plain water. I have used water this time.
  3. Milk 1/4 cup - any milk is fine, half and half/2%/or whole.
  4. Pepper powder 1/2 tbsp or you can just eyeball it...add less or more as per your taste.
  5. Green onion chopped.
  6. Salt to taste.
Sometimes I add some vegetables in my soup, like green beans, carrots, green onions. each of the vegetable has it's unique flavour. I love them all. This time I am going to add green onion.

Step 1:
Drop thawed corn kernels in to the grinder and make a paste out of it.

Step 2:
Heat a pan, add the paste to the heated pan, NO OIL/GHEE NEEDED.
Keep stirring the paste continuously.

Note: If you want to add the vegetables, cut them nice and thin add them at this point so that they will cook throughout the end. I actually like a little crunch to my vegetables in my soup, The crunch acts as croutons for me, but if you like to eat cooked veggies, you should cut them in big chunks and cook them first in boiling water and then add them at a later stage.
Step 3:
Now add the water to the paste, and let it be on a medium to high flame.

Step 4:
Add Salt and freshly ground black pepper and add green onion.

Serve with soy sauce, green chili sauce, as per your taste.



Priti said...

Soup looks so gud..and such simple procedure...thanks for sharing :)

SriLekha said...

wow1 its my favorite soup!
it looks too good!

Trupti said...

Hey Manali! I made this soup today by following your recipe :) I didnt have green onions so I added red peppers instead and it turned out awesome!