Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I am a foodbuzz featured publisher now!!!!!!!!

Today is the day to celebrate for the perfect reason. I started blogging June 18th of this year. My blog will be six months old on 18th of this month. I will be posting my 30th post as we speak. 
I started this blog to document my trial and errors and learn from them later, also to share my experiences with the world, and most importantly to learn something which I didn't know before, from the bloggers all over the world.

This blogging creates a platform, which creates learning opportunities for foodie like me.
One of such platforms is  foodbuzz. I am sooooooooooo very excited, to know that I am one of the featured publishers of the foodbuzz now.

I already have updated layout of my blog. Lots and lots of fun yet to happen, a lot more experiments yet to fail and a lot more wonders yet to happen from those failures.
Can't wait.......:))

Thank you foodbuzz for giving me this opportunity to be a featured publisher.


Hugging the Coast said...

Glad to see another Foodbuzz Featured Publisher. I've been an FP for 6 months and really enjoy all the opportunities they offer!

Sagari said...

U have wonderful blog manali

Yasmeen said...

Hope you have exciting time as a foodbuzz FP:)